Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kilovac EV 2000 Contactor

Well I had a contactor shorting out on me this evening.  It could be the economizer or just one of the small wires. It cut out on me on my drive into town. It could have been the problem I have been experiencing lately but today it finally cut out fully. I jiggled the contactor and it came back on line but dropped out again. Then again two more times. I replaced it this evening and connected it all back up including the tach.  I only put on 10 miles today and I have it on the charger. Charging is working out just fine. I now have it at 3.65 volts per cell. The balance of the cells won't be too terrible. I have most at 3.5 volts towards the end of the charge and a couple at 3.8 and a few at 3.4. I will go though and fix that. I will bring down the couple that are high and bring up the few that are low. I will do the low ones first. No cell goes over 3.8 volts.


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