Saturday, June 11, 2011


Still having trouble with the PB-6 so it is going to go away. I am going to find a good connector and put in our TPS. It will be better. Once I test that we are going to strip the Synkro out and put in the Kelly and remove some batteries and put it back to 96 volts and install the Elcon 96 volt charger then sell the MG. It is in reality too small for me. It will make a fine EV for someone and one that is already done ready to drive with lithium and not those nasty lead acid batteries either. We are having troubles with the new Warp Speed Sensor too with the Synkro controller. It should do just fine for using an analog gauge. It does work with those. So that will be sold with the car. I will buy another later when the issue is worked out with the Synkro and the Warp Speed controller. There is another type of sensor that will work. Basically it is the kind that uses magnets. The Warp sensor uses no magnets. I think that is the issue. Incompatible with the Synkro electronics at this point.

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