Saturday, June 11, 2011

Leaf at Home

Well we picked up the Leaf yesterday and drove it home. We only have that little level 1 charger that they provide for opportunity charging while away. 21 friggin hours to charge from empty to full. Ouch. Other than that it is good. I am wanting to build or have built a portable level II charge chord for opportunity with a few extra types of plugs so if I only had a dryer outlet I'd have a plug for that. It would be a good thing to have a level II portable charge chord so you could actually get some energy while out and about. Have on hand about 25 or 30 ft of chord and the proper plugs and jplug. Level 1 sucks.

Can't wait for a level 4. Anyway we have it home and I even took it to work and back today just to get my paycheck. It's on the sloooooow charge right now. Ugg.

No way in hell could you build a car with this range and size and comfort for less and AC drive too with all the bells and whistles. Just no way. We do continue to support the DIY builds and we will be continuing with our VW Bus build. Gotta love the lithium batteries. There is just nothing like them.

Pete :)

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