Thursday, June 2, 2011

UpDated Synkro

Well I updated my Synkromotive controller yesterday. I needed to be sure any logs and errors were removed from the cache first but beyond that the update is painless and fast. Easy instructions and it works. Now when the weather clears we get to go take it for a spin. It is now updated with new calculations and higher amperage limit. I still can't go full tilt because we don't have a modified fan but even as it is this controller is just excellent. We had a funnel cloud skirt our house yesterday. We don't see a lot of this kind of activity here in California but this puppy came within 1/10th of a mile. Literally over our neighbors place heading for ours. It was a confirmed twister in the town over from us for a brief moment but it dissipated and then tried to come back down again by our place. I got some good HD footage that is best played at faster than normal speed. The time frame is like 12 minutes but in slightly faster motion you can see the power of the rotations. It was only a funnel cloud by us but quite impressive at 8X speed.

Scrub the play bar when its fully loaded to get the best effect.

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