Monday, June 13, 2011

TPS installed and tested

I did have the TPS in the Ghia and it worked just fine. I installed it into the MG tonight and then took it for a test drive. What had been happening was by the time I was back from a drive or sooner when I released the throttle the pot was still on and the controller still thought I had my foot on the throttle when I did not. It also kept feeling like it would go on and off real fast with the pulsing of the tachometer. Now it works just fine. No more pulsing and no more having a throttle flaking out. I'd say from my experience that the PB-6 or its look ones that claim to be a true PB-6 should not be used if at all possible. They do have a new Hall effect throttle that looks like the PB-6. The Kelly controller does require a standard two wire pot but with the controller I have I really need the three wire TPS at least. The MG did real well. It is now time to put in the Kelly and remove a couple batteries for the 96 volt system and charger. So it will have a new HP Kelly 144 volt 850amp controller, Elcon 1500 charger for the 96 volt lithium pack of 100 AH cells.

Pete :)

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