Saturday, June 4, 2011


Well I got the differential in and the brakes fixed on both sides now and the new diff is much nicer. Not so sloppy. I finished all the work and got every thing back together and took it for a spin. Well what do you know. The grinding and scraping are still there. Damn. Now what. So I go back home and rip the rear drivers side tire off once again. Took yet another look and another and another and another and looked all around and looked at the back side of the rim. I saw what looked like a very slight rubbing. So I look again and lo and behold I found the problem. Well it is a total Doh! moment. The bracket for the spring helper was rubbing on the inside of the rim all along. Loosened up the bracket end and pushed the bracket out and tightened again and slapped that tire back on and speed down the road once again but this time it was nice and quiet and no clunking, scrapping sounds at all. NICE. I can't believe that was the problem all along. But it actually was a good thing. I no longer have a sloppy differential and both rear brakes are renewed properly. Brakes bleed and adjusted and a new master cylinder too. Wow. So much done and it is nice and quiet. Now to focus on the controller and charger.

Pete :)

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