Saturday, July 2, 2011

More lightning in a bag info

We now have some numbers and I am looking to get a better resolution graph for posting. So far the numbers are impressive except the charge amp numbers. I'd like to see higher charging amps. I'd like to not just see the lightning but I want to hear the thunder of the crowd as I finish first. :)

discharge rate ---1C----20C-----25C------30C-------33C
discharge current/A----- 6----120------150-----180------200
middle voltage/ V -----3.782------3.546-----3.493-----3.438-----3.374
discharge capacity/mAh -----6417-----6260------6175-------6090------5950
discharge efficiency -----100.0%------97.6%------96.2%-------94.9%----92.7%

initial internal resistance /mO -----1.4
end internal resistance/ mO -----1.3
IR change rate -7.1% ----6.5
initial thickness /mm----- 6.65
end thickness /mm ------2.3%
thickness change rate

The specs they sent me tested only up to 200 amps, I will gladly send someone a cell to continue data up to 300 to 400 amps.

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