Thursday, April 12, 2012

Beta Again

Well I put the BETA Unit back in the vehicle to check my potentiometer and get absolutely nothing. I tried some different combinations without any positive feed back to give. I can't comment on the controller if it will not work. It is sort of like a Curtis 1221C Clone and wires up the same too. It uses either pack voltage to power the unit or 12 Aux power. I tried both. Neither produced any results in todays tests. As soon as I can I will put in the Synkromotive controller to see how well that powers the motor under the same conditions. I know the Kelly works but one side gets awful hot for a no load condition in a very short amount of time. So without further input from the provider the Beta will be pulled and shelved. I need to get more information on connecting things up if that is the case. I checked a Curtis schematic and all looks great. No go just sucks. I'd rather see it smoke and blow than do nothing.

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