Thursday, April 12, 2012

Further Progress

Well the Kelly SepEx controller is toast. So I decided to mix it up and put in a series beta controller and jumper the starter/generator motor so it can run in series like mode. I connected the controller up and hooked up the PB-6 which is is designed to use and had some strange results. See the video, it explains it better. The PB-6 is just crap. It was one of those Clone PB-6 potentiometers on the market. Maybe that is why I had some weird stuff going on with my first ever conversion before I went to the Synkromotive and the Evnetics throttle potentiometer. Well anyway the potentiometer was toast and I found another I had lying around and found that it worked but not until I mounted yet another controller. The other controller was that Huge Kelly controller that I had gotten when I had first got the MG conversion. If you remember it fried within 5 minutes of connecting it and before any full on power was ever applied. Well it was sent back and returned fixed at no charge and it works. Well when I first connected it up to the potentiometer it did not work. Period. But it did tell me I had a fault. The Kelly will tell you will blinking lights in specific sequences that a problem has been encountered. Well the problem was a throttle fault code and no matter what I did it would not release the code. The Beta Controller has no such system and it is non computer adjustable. So the Kelly assured me it was the throttle and I went on the hunt to find an old potentiometer and I found one that was not installed in a box and never used. It will work in the PB-6 box. So once that was connected it worked flawless. Well sorta.

What I found was that the lower edge of the controller even in the brief non load running of the controller was just getting a bit warm. After less than 5 minutes of playing and NO load on the controller the bottom edge was so hot it was nearly untouchable. This is not a good thing. Not sure why. I make mention of that in the flick.

I will assume that since I replaced the potentiometer I will be able to get the Beta unit to run. It is to be driven with no heat sink to see if it will go into thermal cut back mode.

I sent into Kelly a report of the excess over heating of the one side of the controller. Other than that the controller functioned exactly as expected and feels pretty powerful too.

Pete :)

That is this weeks musings. More to come.

First part of the flick is with the Beta Unit and the other is with the Fat Kelly Controller.

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