Saturday, April 14, 2012

Curtis Clone Lives

Well today I got the Curtis Clone to actually work. It actually worked the other day but I did not realize that it was so sensitive. I put on the old pot and it worked but was so sensitive that it was almost micro movements that got me to control the speed. Anyway it worked. The Clone got hot just like the Series Kelly Controller. I assume now it is because of how we have the motor wired and that its feeding a compensated shunt motor. "Major" used that term. It is when one field is connected directly and internally to the armature circuit. So I am feeding a shunt motor which just wants to go one speed no matter the load placed upon it up to the point that the motor can't keep up and it will then settle into that speed for a given load. I think that is why.

So I will be putting my GE 9" Series motor in the Bug and test the controllers again. The controllers should run fine and pretty cool too up to a point with no heat sink.

I will be testing the Kelly SepEx controller again because Kelly said it needed 72 volts to operate the controller rather than 12 volts. So I remounted the controller and connected 72 volts to the controller and fused the line with a 2 amp fuse. I then connected the old pot and got a weird brzzzp then a fault. Did it again and got the same fault.

What I found with the Clone is that one pot will work with that one and not the other and vice versa. Strange but I am suspecting that one pot is a 5k pot and the other is a 5V pot. One works with on but not the other. I think that the one I tried yesterday is the 5k and Kelly says it needs a 5v pot. So I will when I get home connect up the 5V pot and see what happens. The Kelly should still work. The faults are not faults that will render the controller dead.

So here is the quick video of the run with the Curtis Clone.

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