Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kostov 11" Motor

   I decided to finally finish the brush replacement for one of my Kostov 11" motors. These are the older style Kostov Motors. When I was checking a few things awhile back I realized that the brushes had fallen apart and that the motor had been driven in that state for some time. The wires imbedded within the brushes just fell out. While it was connected it was very difficult if not impossible to SEE that they were damaged. When I was checking some things I noticed one that was bad. The cables into the brushes were rattling around inside the brushes for some time and wore away the hole. Slapping around inside and arching. The interesting thing is that the motor will still run in this condition. It is all fixed now. New brush ring and brushes with new springs. Perfect. So we will try out the motor in the VW and see how well it will run.
   The brushes are also square to the commutator. The motor is neutrally timed and has interpole fields. The brush ring can be advanced or retarded as needed. The motor is a series motor and not a SepEx motor. It can be used as a low speed generator as well if needed. If used with regen it would provide a tremendous amount of torque. I will not be using Regen with this motor. I do have some cool things coming but that is not about motors. I do have two Kostov 11" motors and one may be sold. If you are interested please contact me. It will need new brushes. It has a fan as well.
   I made a quick show and have started the brush break-in so I am hoping it won't take too long to do this.  The motor does not sound terrible loud but after processing the video the sound is horrendous. Much louder than I hear. The microphone actually picks up EVERY noise and replays it all. There is no mistaking that its noisy. The brushes are fully square on the end and have tiny shallow factory grooves in the end of the brushes. While running you can see the grove marks on the commutator but when the brushes are broken in you will not see them. Since these brushes are square to the com the surface is not terrible large. The Warp motors have angled brushes and are advanced in timing for use in an electric vehicle. The Warp motors should not be used in a reverse running motor because of the angled brushes unless Warp provides a brush ring that will be for the opposite direction. The Kostov motor however can be reversed with no ill effects on how the motor runs.

Pete :)

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