Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Kaylor/Kelly Project has been pulled

I got word back from Kelly this morning that they are willing to give me a 40% discount on a new Kelly SepEx controller but they will no longer be doing software for the half bridge requirements that would power the old Military Starter/Generator style motors. The high power M side of the SepEx controller died in testing. The engineer from Kelly that has taken on the project for us no longer works for Kelly. Not exactly sure when he left but they have no intention on continuing the project. So on their end they will not continue and since we can't the the project is officially dead. I am however going to continue with the Kaylor project with a straight series motor controller to see how it holds up with one of these controllers. I almost bet it will work fine but there will be no regen available. So if you can live with no regen but have one of these motors you can still utilize a good controller and have a blast and have good throttle control and no more contactor style clunky speed control.

So in a nutshell the Kelly portion of this is dead. Oh well. Had to give it a spin anyway. Now back to our regularly scheduled mucking around and building and on the the Synkromotive stuff which is long overdue. You will like what is coming.

Stay tuned! More is on the way.
Pete :)

Anyone want a Kelly Door stop? Anyone want a 40% Discount on a Kelly SepEx controller? Pay me and I will ship it to you. I still have a high power series Kelly that may be a good candidate for someone.

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