Saturday, April 7, 2012

More Progress

Made some headway with the 66 Bug project. I got every thing connected except the throttle and made sure it all worked. I will have to take the motor out soon to check the flywheel. I am getting something out of balance or not tight. I can test once I get the throttle connected. I am going a different sort of setup with the throttle. I want the throttle in the vehicle.

I am also going to check out a nice Kelmark GT that is VW based. The nice thing is that I have a nice 69 Pan that is more or less ready to go and its the same year as the body. This pan has new pan halves in and Ghia disc brakes. I have nice rims that would look great. I'd leave it stock height for now. It would look killer if it was lowered.

Once again I am hunting for a killer project. Light weight and fun and fully enclosed. No open top. Much better for here.

Pete :)

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