Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kelly Controller

Once again I will attempt to revive the Kelly. I was using only 12 volts to power the controller and Kelly said it needs to be pack voltage. So I will feed it pack voltage and fuse it with a 2 amp fuse. It may still work after all. It may have just been on the edge of working when it was connected with only 12 volts to power the controller internals. So back to the SepEx Kelly to see if I can get it to work. Seems like it should as the faults don't indicate a malfunction. Since I can use the Evnetics potentiometer I now have a good working potentiometer that I can use for the regen braking. Might work better. So all may not be lost after all. I will report the findings. Its been raining on and off for a couple days now making it difficult to work on the vehicle. I have my car port filled so the work is out from protective cover.

Pete :)

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